TAKEI COMPANY LTD.- Professional manufacturer of high-pressure gas safety valve

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  1. 武井製作所/高圧ガス用安全弁の専門メーカー
  2. 武井製作所/高圧ガス用安全弁の専門メーカー
  3. 武井製作所/高圧ガス用安全弁の専門メーカー
  4. 武井製作所/高圧ガス用安全弁の専門メーカー
  5. 武井製作所/高圧ガス用安全弁の専門メーカー

TAKEI COMPANY LTD. is a professional manufacturer of high-pressure gas safety valve.

Low Pressure from (0.01MPa) for ultra-high pressure up to (130MPa) for. From very low temperature (-269 ℃) for up to high temperatures (500 ℃) for. To aftercare from design.
I keep it in mind the services that satisfy our customers at all times.

Safety valve of high precision with the handicraft of the expert group on the basis of the quality management system of altitude. We offer short delivery times (limited model, in quantity) shipping was also possible on the day.


Scope of accreditation by METI expanded to 99.9MPa

Accredited for the Certification (ISO9001:LRQA(Yokohama Plant))

[Commitment to safety] was posted to the page.

In producing the high-pressure gas safety valve, as well as understand our commitment to safety of our company, we publish a new page for your secure further customers.
Please see here for more commitment to safety.

Was renewed our web site.

Thank you for visiting the website of the Corporation Takei Works.
This time, we have renewed our web site. And I think you can deliver more detailed information.
Our company is committed to service to be able to satisfy our customers at all times. Much for your patronage, Thank you in the future.

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